“NasoLoda”: Where Every Day Becomes Sweeter!

Июнь 3, 2024

The Assortment of TM "Nasoloda": Exquisite Pastries and Baked Goods for Every Occasion  665ced9bb8146.webp

TM "Nasoloda" is a renowned brand that has been delighting its customers with the joy of taste and unforgettable experiences from consuming high-quality confectionery products for many years. The company's product range includes cakes, pies, pastries, marshmallows, cookies, and bakery products. All these items are available both wholesale and retail, making them attractive to a wide range of consumers, from individual buyers to large businesses. Let’s take a closer look at each category of products.


The cakes from TM "Nasoloda" are a testament to the art of confectionery. The assortment features a multitude of options: classic sponge cakes, fruit-filled cakes, chocolate cakes, creamy desserts, and many more. Each cake is made using natural ingredients and traditional recipes. For special occasions, the company offers the possibility of custom-designed cakes, allowing for the creation of unique desserts for celebrations, weddings, or corporate events. Cakes can be purchased retail for personal celebrations or ordered wholesale for cafes, restaurants, and shops aiming to offer their customers high-quality products.


TM "Nasoloda" pies bring the authentic taste of homemade baking. The assortment includes pies with a variety of fillings: apple, cherry, cheese, poppy seed, and many other fruits and berries. Each pie is baked with great care and love, ensuring a rich taste and aroma. Pies can be bought retail for family tea parties or ordered in bulk for businesses. Wholesale buyers are guaranteed stable supplies and high-quality products.


Pastries from TM "Nasoloda" are small works of art that captivate with their delicate taste and aesthetic appeal. The assortment includes a wide range of pastries: éclairs, profiteroles, macarons, mousse pastries, fruit and chocolate-filled pastries, and more. All products are made from high-quality ingredients without the addition of artificial colorings or preservatives. Pastries can be purchased retail for individual consumption or ordered wholesale for cafes, pastry shops, and restaurants.


TM "Nasoloda" marshmallows are a light, airy dessert made according to traditional recipes using natural ingredients. The assortment includes marshmallows in various flavors: vanilla, strawberry, raspberry, lemon, and others. This dessert is a popular choice for those who appreciate light and low-calorie treats. Marshmallows can be bought retail for personal enjoyment or ordered wholesale for shops, cafes, and other establishments offering high-quality confectionery to their customers.


TM "Nasoloda" offers a delightful variety of cookies with an unmistakable taste. The assortment includes shortbread cookies, oatmeal cookies, nut cookies, chocolate cookies, and many more. Each type of cookie is made from high-quality ingredients without the addition of artificial additives. TM "Nasoloda" cookies are perfect for daily tea or coffee breaks, as well as for festive events. Cookies can be purchased retail or ordered wholesale for businesses, ensuring customers have access to delicious and high-quality products.

Bakery Products

TM "Nasoloda" bakery products encompass a wide variety of breads, rolls, baguettes, and other baked goods made according to traditional recipes. All products are baked using natural ingredients, guaranteeing high quality and excellent taste. The bakery products are suitable for daily consumption as well as for festive tables. You can purchase them retail or order wholesale for your business, providing your customers with fresh and high-quality baked goods.

Wholesale and Retail Trade

TM "Nasoloda" offers its products both retail and wholesale, making them accessible to a wide range of consumers. Retail customers can enjoy their favorite treats by purchasing them in convenient packaging formats. For wholesale customers, such as shops, cafes, restaurants, and other establishments, there are special offers and discounts that provide favorable cooperation conditions.

Wholesale buyers can rely on stable supplies and high-quality products. TM "Nasoloda" ensures flexible cooperation terms and an individual approach to each client, making it a reliable business partner.

Thanks to the wide assortment and high quality of the products, TM "Nasoloda" meets the needs of both individual consumers and large enterprises. The brand's products bring joy and satisfaction to everyone who tastes them. Choose TM "Nasoloda" for your festive events or daily pleasure, and you will not be disappointed! The brand's products will give you and your loved ones unforgettable taste experiences and lift your spirits any day.

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